Comparison of nylon cold transfer printing and water printing


Cold transfer printing Technical advantages: the main e […]

Cold transfer printing
Technical advantages: the main equipment of printing, the screening of dyeing materials, the formulation of process routes, the formulation of process formulas are all autonomous, and there are invention patents from formula to equipment.
Product advantages: Fill in the printing blanks of other printing methods on high-density nylon. Our products can penetrate the front and back surfaces well, meet different levels of environmental protection requirements, and have various fastnesses that are higher than other printing methods and soft to the touch. Can print difficult patterns.
Water printing
Strengths: Water printing has good permeability, good hand feeling and diverse process.
Disadvantages: the traditional watermark is to use color to separate the patterns, so it can only be a simple pattern, the layering is not strong; the printing plate is mostly nickel mesh, so the pattern is not delicate enough; due to its printing The process is printed directly on the 3D Printing Fabrics, so the fabric loss is also too large.