Jilin Province Textile Industry Technician College settled in Liaoyuan


On July 13, the opening ceremony of Jilin Textile Indus […]

On July 13, the opening ceremony of Jilin Textile Industry Technician College was held in Liaoyuan. This is the only textile technician school in our province, which marks that Liaoyuan socks industry has embarked on the development path of talent development and talent development.

With the accelerated development of Liaoyuan, the expansion of the scale of the Northeast Socks Park, the demand for high-quality technical and skilled talents is increasing. As a central city of socks industry in Northeast China, Liaoyuan urgently needs to build a high-level textile industry technician school, which is Liaoyuan. Industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation-driven development provide support for skilled personnel.

To this end, the Northeast Socks Park invested in the construction of the Jilin Province Textile Industry Technician College. This is a modern teaching main building that can accommodate up to 900 people for lectures and is equipped with facilities such as laboratories, electric classrooms, library rooms and gymnasiums. The school is mainly based on practical training and supplemented by theory. It focuses on cultivating students' practical ability to solve the problem of not being able to work directly after graduation. After graduation, they will arrange employment according to 100% of their majors.

In order to improve the overall level of the teaching staff, the college has hired engineering and technical personnel and skill experts from a number of cooperative enterprises to teach and enrich the teaching staff.

The Jilin Province Textile Industry Technician College adopts the school-running mode of “integration of work and study, integration of production and education, practice as the mainstay, supplemented by theory”, and closely follows the mission of “based on the company, service industry, stratified output, and comprehensive improvement”. Deliver more talents for Liaoyuan Hosiery.