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Textile Testing Instruments - Analysis of Factors Affecting Moisture Permeability Testing
1. Influence of wind speed on moisture permeability

The wind speed of the moisture permeability meter directly affects the experimental data. The wind speed can increase the evaporation of water. Different types of fabrics have different degrees of influence on the wind speed.

2. Effect of calcium chloride on moisture permeability in moisture absorption method

Since calcium chloride has water absorption, during the repeated use, the crystal water may not be completely removed, the moisture absorption effect may decrease, and the result may be deviated, so it is recommended to dry the calcium chloride at a high temperature (260 degrees).

3. Influence of distilled water on moisture permeability in evaporation method

We know that there are two temperatures to choose from in the test, one is 23 degrees Celsius and one is 38 degrees Celsius. Before the test, the temperature of the distilled water should be the same as the test temperature. The water temperature is high and the evaporation of water is large.

4. The effect of test equilibrium time on the test results in the distillation method

In the same environment, after the test is balanced for 0.5 hours and 1 hour, and the test time is 2 hours, the test results will vary according to the style of different 3D Printing Fabrics. Therefore, it is recommended that the test equilibration time be 1 hour.

5. The test surface orientation of the sample affects the test

The test fabric orientation also has a great influence on the test results, especially the manufacturing structure is different, there are coatings, etc., in different cases, the degree of influence is also different.