What is crystal cotton fabric?


The crystal cotton structure adopts satin weave structu […]

The crystal cotton structure adopts satin weave structure, which is divided into radial and weft directions. It is made of radial 20D nylon monofilament and weft 60S cotton and 75D polyester low elastic yarn tissue, and is woven by air jet loom. This tissue can give the fabric a sparkle effect.
Characteristics of crystal cotton: Crystal spinning uses overflowing environmentally-friendly dyeing on dyeing and finishing. After waterproofing treatment, it is coated with transparent rubber and other post-processing processes to make the fabric waterproof and moisture-proof. The ultra-fine nylon monofilament increases the light and thin texture of the fabric, enhances the wear resistance of the fabric, absorbs moisture and breathable, and the use of the human cotton yarn makes the fabric not only soft and translucent, but also very suitable for fashionable women's fabrics.

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