How to distinguish T-shirt polyester cotton fabric from cotton fabric


T-shirt polyester-cotton fabric: There is no difference […]

T-shirt polyester-cotton fabric: There is no difference between polyester-cotton fabric and cotton fabric from the outside, but the polyester-cotton T-shirt is not ventilated, does not absorb sweat, is very stuffy and is easy to pilling and so on. So how do you specifically divide cotton and polyester cotton? The best way is to smell the fabric. Usually, new clothes have their own inherent taste. The country also has a clothing standard that means that the clothing cannot have one or more of aromatic hydrocarbon, musty, fishy, oily and plastic flavors! If you smell the above when you buy a T-shirt, at least it means a defective product or a T-shirt with a large amount of chemical fiber and polyester-cotton fabric. T-shirts in cotton fabrics are generally odorless or woody.
Have you mastered the above t-shirts for the distinction between polyester cotton and cotton 3D Printing Fabrics? It doesn't matter if you don't master it. Then teach you the most practical way to distinguish between the following clothes, use the fire to burn the following clothes, and use the fingers of the burning residue to feel the hard particles are polyester; if there are no hard particles, it is gray. Pure cotton.