T-shirt polyester cotton fabric and cotton fabric


T-shirt fabrics are all cotton, polyester-cotton, merce […]

T-shirt fabrics are all cotton, polyester-cotton, mercerized cotton, double-silk cotton, etc. Generally used are polyester-cotton and cotton fabrics. How do you distinguish t-shirt fabrics from polyester or cotton? The best answer to this question is the high-definition characteristics of polyester cotton and cotton fabric. The following is a detailed look at the characteristics of T-shirt polyester cotton and cotton fabric.
T-shirt cotton fabric: cotton fabric feels thick, soft, no slippery, breathable and sweat-absorbent. It is recommended to use cotton if it is purchased. Most people choose cotton t-shirts. In general, we call the T-shirt fabrics and New Technical Fabrics of lapel collars as many yarns, usually from 21 to 46. The higher the yarn weaving, the higher the density of the fabric and the softer it is. The usual yarn weave is between 21 and 32. Round neck or collarless T-shirt fabrics are generally referred to as how many grams of weight, that is, how many grams of cloth in a square meter. From 100 grams to 300 grams, the thicker the fabric, the thicker it is. The best weight is 180 grams. Of course, some also mix the two, for example, 21 180 grams of cotton lapel T-shirts. On the basis of cotton fabrics, there are also combing and combing. If the card is rough, the fabric is rough and some are still handy. The comb fabric feels soft and smooth, indicating smooth!