Suzhou Songchuan Textile Co., Ltd.

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China Woven Fabrics Manufacturers and Breathable Fabric Suppliers

,Our factory was founded in 2007,we are a big textile group including weaving, dyeing, printing and coated factories,the annual production capability of the factory as solid color woven fabric 10million/meter,15million meters of printing fabric and coated fabric around 5million meters, meanwhile in supporting services to provide men and women..

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  • Excellent and stable product quality
    The company strictly implementsincoming materials testing, comparison of incoming materials, screening and inspection of raw material suppliers; first-class production process design and process control make each batch of printing fabric more stable and traceable, and obtains high-efficiency production control; strictly monitor the quality of each batch of product according to the supplier's specifications.
  • Continuous and reliable product supply
    Ourcompany has ample production capacity and full control over raw material prices, quality, and stable supply, laying the foundation for continuous production; our company's complete ERP system, well-structured sales warehousing network, and an efficient operating mechanism guarantee that domestic orders will be issued within 24 hours. Foreign trade orders shipped a week later. ,which can ensure the... quality of the breathable fabric.
  • Fast and intimate extension services
    Our company has consistently adhered to a seamless docking service, carefully created a service team consisting of technical backbones, implemented round-the-clock follow-up services, conducted timely visits, exchanges, and feedback on customers, helped customers solve problems, and formed regular meetings with customers. We have established a customer file system and strived to make after-sales service more rapid and intimate.