What is a peach skin fabric?


What fabric is peach skin? Peach velvet is a novel thin […]

What fabric is peach skin? Peach velvet is a novel thin napped fabric of microfiber fabric which is derived from artificial suede and has a softer texture because it is not subjected to polyurethane wet treatment. Because of its shorter velvet, the surface can hardly see the fluff and the skin can be perceived, so that the feel and appearance are more delicate and chic.
The peach skin is soft and elegant, giving consumers a sense of novelty compared with artificial suede, which is suitable for people's curious consumer psychology, so that they will soon become popular in the international market. The unique style of the peach skin fabric is arguably the basis of ultra-fine denier high-density fabric, and the finishing of the fabric is the key to the product. The main factors affecting the fabric sanding effect are: the choice of sandpaper mesh number, the control of the grinding roller speed, the contact area between the grinding roller and the fabric, the tension of the fabric, the number of grinding, the balance between the grinding roller speed and the running speed, and the fabric. The moisture content, the treatment after the fluffing and the selection of the fluffing equipment.

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